The Wyndham Woods Homeowners' Association (WWHA) is made up of volunteer homeowners who live in the subdivision. Our intent is to provide a friendly, common-sense approach to upholding neighborhood integrity and community standards.

Why does the WWHA exist?

  1. To bond together the homeowners in the subdivision for maintenance of the integrity of the neighborhood
  2. To form opinions and take action before any and all governing bodies when their decisions could affect our subdivision, and
  3. To act as a private social club for the pleasure, recreation, and social benefit of its members

Please volunteer today to be a part of your neighborhood community! To join a committee or be a board member in 2015, contact us today. Your participation is welcome and needed! Being a board member provides so much for the neighborhood, yet requires minimal amounts of time, with meetings only once per quarter. We strive to make our neighborhood a great place to live, while approaching all covenants and neighborhood issues reasonably and cooperatively.

Join the WWHA today! Email us with any questions you may have about volunteering!

2016 Board of Directors
President: Michael Black
Vice President: Julie Leonard
Secretary/Treasurer: Pete Wilder

Architectural: Gary Troutman
Grounds: Seth Brown
Pool/Tennis: Kevin Neely
Social: Christy Jones