Residents of Wyndham Woods agree to abide by the subdivision's Covenants and Bylaws, which were established when the subdivision was initially developed. Covenants and Bylaws have been modified and consolidated by various WWHA boards since inception.

Bylaws were established to outline the duties and responsibilities of the Wyndham Woods Board. Covenants were established as a reasonable method to establish defined levels of integrity in the neighborhood. Covenants and Bylaws are not intended to hinder individual homeownership but to sustain the unified maintenance, appearance, value and cohesiveness of the subdivision. The WWHA board makes every effort to apply reason and common sense when any request for change is made.

I want to make changes to my home. What do I need to do?

Residents of Wyndham Woods must submit an Architectural Change form before making obvious modifications to their dwellings, such as:

Visit our Architectural page for more information.

The WWHA needs community members to commit to serve on the Board. Participation is fun and requires minimal time involvement. If you're interested in helping your community in any way—big or small—email us today with any questions you may have or to become a volunteer. Any level of participation is welcome!