The Wyndham Woods Covenants were established to help maintain and sustain the unified maintenance, appearance, value and cohesiveness of the subdivision. These Covenants are not intended to hinder individual homeownership by any means, but are in place to provide a process for reviewing changes to a property and to ensure that reasonable standards for the appearance and upkeep of homes are maintained in our neighborhood. If you are thinking of makeing changes to your property, please note that all requests for modifications or changes must be made in writing according to the Architectural Review Process BEFORE any construction, changes or rennovations occur.

In an effort to provide quality and consistency of enforcing the WWHA Architectural Covenants, the WWHA Board decided to hire a Community Management company, on a trial basis, to take on this responsibility. If you were not aware of this, please be sure to read the quarterly newsletters. This was announced in the Spring 2015 newsletter and again the Summer 2015 newsletter.

When do I need board approval?

The Wyndham Woods Covenants require that Residents of Wyndham Woods must submit an Architectural Change form before making obvious modifications to their dwellings, such as:

Why do I need WWHA approval?

The Wyndham Woods Covenants are designed to maintain reasonable integrity throughout the subdivision. Please keep in mind that approval is required in writing by the Architectural Committee before major exterior property changes may be made. Also know that failure to obtain Architectural Review Approval could result in fines or removal of items deemed inappropriate under the Covenants guidelines.

The application process is easy and takes only a few days to be reviewed. If you have any questions about the review process, please email us at:

Download the Architectural Change Form